Chappy Valente

Artist Teacher

Attend a workshop

Videos are great, but there is no substitute for a live workshop. Your subject, your canvas and Chappy at the ready, guiding and encouraging you.

Southern California, USA

I am based in beautiful, temperate Southern California. Check back here for upcoming workshops near me. 

 Quick watercolor in Dam Square

Quick watercolor in Dam Square

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have a seasonal base of operations in the land of the 'Oude Meesters' (Old Masters). I try to make my way there for a few workshops in the spring, when the light is abundant and everything is vibrant. 

 Piazza de Cavallieri, PIsa

Piazza de Cavallieri, PIsa

Pisa, Italy

There's so much more to Pisa than just the tower. It's actually a great base of operations for exploring all of Tuscany. I try to head there after the Netherlands, or vice versa, when the weather is best.